About Us

Employment Choices is committed to working on behalf of companies that need reliable, conscientious and skilled employees; and to offer job seekers professional interviews, sensible direction and useful strategies they need to navigate the uncertain terrain of the search for a job or of a career change. For companies, this means finding you the right people for the work you have; for job candidates it means hiring you in the right job for you or helping you design and execute a plan for a successful job search.


Quality control can be defined as ‘No Surprises’. We focus on clear and mutually understood expectations with companies and candidates so that we all win.

Interviewing and screening is the heart of what we do. I have been interviewing, placing and employing people since 1985, learning to understand what characterizes the right employee for a job and how to identify the right job for people who want to work. I have interviewed thousands of professional, paraprofessional, technical and non-technical people. My primary goal is to understand work environments so that I can assess skills and experience and determine who will excel where.

Productivity and morale relate directly. Companies need more versatile and flexible employees to meet challenges that a shrinking world creates; employees need to be able to learn new things and adapt to a pace of change that continues to accelerate. Successful companies hire the right people and develop them; successful employees work hard to learn and to contribute more.




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